Saturday, 14 January 2012

Rose Star love

photo.JPG by helenjanei
photo.JPG, a photo by helenjanei on Flickr.

Having really enjoyed the hand piecing I did over christmas, I decided I wanted more hand projects. Then I found this;

Perfect! English Paper Piecing is really enjoyable and I turned the practice block into a cushion cover. Next time fabric with smaller prints and more distinct colours I think...

See some excellent examples in the Flickr group,


  1. Great blog and one I want to do too though I am thinking I will only manage one at the moment. Makes a fab cushion though - is a quilt on the horizon??

  2. Hi Helen, just come over from Archie the Wonderdog. Welcome to blog land! Love the cushion. Linda

  3. Hi Helen, I came over from Archie the Wonderdog without realizing who you were. I'm so happy to meet you again and to find your new blog! I'm still enjoying my lovely mug rug you sent me in the Fluffy Sheep Swap, Janine x

  4. Hi Helen.... Good luck with the blog.... I shall follow closely... to see whether I can be bothered starting... ATWD keeps urging me to start... but it looks like it is a huge commitment.
    I want to hug that owl! What a lucky recipient. Keep sewing!

  5. Hi Helen, I too came from Archie the Wonderdog! The cushions looks great. I'm doing the rose and star block party too - I've just finished my first one and I was very slow but hoping to get faster at it. They are great blocks!

  6. Love the cushion, I may have to pinch your idea!