Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A Mixed Weekend

Ah, the joy of friends! Thank you to the lovely Helen of Archie fame for the bloggy version of a 'shout out' and to the lovely people popping in here to say hi from her blog. It's lovely to have people around!

So, a mixed weekend for me. The bad part was the pain from my tooth removal last Monday. A week on and I'm still in agony! The good news is it is the single. best. diet. I have ever been on, the bad is that I am moody as hell thanks to pain and hunger. Don't think I was popular with my classes today, especially the young lady who sprayed Justin Beiber purfume in my classroom whilst my back was turned. I may have shouted at her for making my room smell like a tart's bedroom....

On more positive news, we had the first meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild on Sunday. What a lovely bunch of ladies! A really positive first meeting and I can see the group growing by the day. Well done Annie for organising, and if you are based in this the neck of the woods (or can even get to London one Sunday a month) come say hi!

Slight trauma in the Northern branch of my family this weekend when Owl's eyes started to fall off! A quick trip round to Grandma's house to sew them back on, but Little H was deeply suspicious that he could now see the stitches. Big Auntie H has been warned not to cut corners again as the emotional bond of a two year old to an Owl is big, and watching eyes be sewn on is apparently a little traumatic at that age...

Speaking of traumatic, I think it may be time to introduce you to my version of the wonderful Archie. This is Cass, he is apparently a parakeet.

I think he is a cross between a magpie and a rhino considering the amount of things he steals and the mess he creates. Here he is helping me with the piecing of my next rose star block. I had to chase him around the flat to get that back...


  1. Ooh would that be a kite template in his beak?
    I'm thinking the same thing about my shoulder!
    I'm sure I would be shocked if I timed myself sewing!!

  2. LOL I had to laugh at the "tarts bedroom" comment!! And again at the cutting corners part. Perhaps we are cut from the same cloth.
    I could use going on a diet - but perhaps not with the pain...

  3. Love the photo of Cass! I'd call your dentist/doctor btw - I don't think you should still be so much pain. Hope you're soon feeling better:)

  4. Ugh, I hate dentists but I think Janine's right and you need to give yours a ring to see if the pain is normal...I hope Little H has got over the trauma of Owl's eyes dropping off! And 'hello!' to Cass - he looks very attached to that piece of fabric!

  5. Sorry to hear about the tooth! Hope you are feeling better soon...

    Thanks for the introduction to Cass! He looks quite a character!