Wednesday, 30 May 2012

FQ London!

Fat Quarterly

I am so excited that in just a few days time I'll be heading up London town with my sewing machine and a cheeky swagger to spend two days sewing and hanging out with crafty friends! 

Sample swap goodies made by me!

For those new to my blog, hi! Come look around, isn't it impressive (hangs head in shame)? To those who started following me during my 'false start' period, hi! I'm not dead, I just had a lot to do work wise the last few months and, well, I kind of struggled with the blogging malarkey. I'm hoping that new iPad App releases will make it a ton easier to blog from my iPad and I'll be back on the wagon soon (currently writing this at work whilst looking over my shoulder all the time, not good!)

A quick bit about me:
Name: Helen
Age: 30
Job: Assistant Headteacher (secondary)
Lives: Currently South London, shortly to be the magnificent county of Yorkshire
Obsession: Fabric...
Guilty secret: I am the world's worst blogger (okay, not really a secret!)

Quick pic of me for identity purposes:
My nephew won't be there so I will be without the soppy look on my face for the weekend.
I'll be wearing a super cute Union Jack coloured name tag made by the fab Twinkle Toes. Currently it is packed in my case at home so please imagine it for yourselves, isn't it lovely?
Can't wait to meet you all, and if you live in Yorkshire, please come say hi, I need some new Quilty friends now I'm abandoning this lot!